JOSHUA MCCOY – Chief Executive Officer/Founder

Josh McCoy is a seasoned project executive with over 18 years of general construction, disaster recovery and residential construction experience. He has a proven track record of leadership in strategic planning, operational excellence, process improvements heavy/civil construction and construction management. Josh has provided quality emergency response, disaster recovery and construction management services to state, municipal and private sector clients. Josh has recently managed over $200 million in projects.

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KEVIN J. BREAUX – Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Breaux is an executive level manager with 15+ years’ experience in government affairs, national security, leadership and team development. Leader in managing multilevel projects across all level of government through effective and motivating mentoring strategies. Kevin is a proven community leader in volunteer services.

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CHAD MITCHELL – General Manager

Chad Mitchell is a skilled professional with over 13 years of experience in project, production and operations management within the construction industry. Chad has a proven ability with design and implementation of processes and procedures on various diverse types of projects within the construction industry that are detrimental to the success of any company performing related work within the industry. He has conducted general project management oversight on over 1,000 projects within the disaster recovery/response industry to include shelter in place, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and demolition services.

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PATRICK CARRIER – Senior Project Manager

Patrick Carrier has more than 35 years’ experience in project management, cost estimating, purchasing, agency negotiation, client interface and field crew supervision for civil construction, environmental and mechanical projects. He has extensive experience in engineering projects including landfill cell construction, remediation, heavy construction, soil stabilization and sludge solidification, dewatering, wastewater treatment, decontamination/demolition, excavation, transportation, disposal, site closures, pond closures, disaster recovery and design-build.

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JOHN EASTERLY – Senior Project Manager

John Easterly, a native of Watson, Louisiana, has more than 40 years’ experience in the general civil construction industry. Mr. Easterly is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable civil contractors in south Louisiana.  He has broad experience in land developing, building landfill cells, roadways and installing utilities.

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MIKE HAMILTON – Public Relations and Logistics Manager

Mike Hamilton is an experienced professional with extensive knowledge in all areas of Emergency Management and Disaster Response, specializing in coordination and logistics between multiple local, state and federal agencies, including the Louisiana National Guard and the Office of the Governor of Louisiana. Mike has extensive experience as a planner, branch manager, and section chief has given me the knowledge and tools to succeed in many fields.

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JAMES LOPER – Field Supervisor

James Loper has been a consultant and field supervisor for the manufacturing company of controtrace (CSI/Ametek) for the past 7 years. He has instructed, advised, and lead construction crews worldwide on the installation of thermal maintenance systems consistently showing crews the safest and most efficient ways on how to install CSI’s products. Under Mr. Loper’s supervision, CSI/ Ametek offers a thermal guarantee warranty the system will perform as designed. The key to CSI’s products performing correctly (no freezing, plugging, or corrosion) is to have a complete and reliable install from start to finish.