West Feliciana Parish Government selected Dynamic to clear and remove disaster debris from a large geographic area throughout the parish following the Mississippi River major flooding event of 2019 (DR-4462-LA.) Dynamic and our team of local subcontractors delivered a cost-effective and timely resolution to the parish’s disaster response.

Immediately upon award, Dynamic met with parish representatives to assess the unique physical conditions of the debris material and identify access to remote areas to establish action plans and work schedules. Within 24 hours of the Notice to Proceed, Dynamic deployed crews to perform the collection of storm debris in accessible areas and haul the debris to the temporary debris management site. Once the Mississippi River levels permitted access to Cat Island, Dynamic mobilized personnel, equipment, and temporary housing facilities to the remote worksite. Dynamic mitigated the uncertainty of jobsite access by maintaining project operations seven days a week until the substantial completion of all removal, hauling, and disposal of flood related debris.

Leveraging the combined knowledge of a diversified group of project managers and decades of heavy equipment operator experience, Dynamic adapted and adjusted to the limitations of the unique project and jobsite conditions. Major road damages were identified during the preconstruction assessment, which triggered a significant alteration in operation plans. A temporary road repair plan was implemented to facilitate continued access to the worksite and safe operation of project equipment. In order to perform these road repairs, over 20,000 tons of structural material was barged in from the Mississippi River and unloaded onto the remote access point on Cat Island. Temporary road repair operations and debris hauling operations continued concurrently throughout the project to maintain safe working conditions, despite the effects of a turbulent tropical weather season.

Dynamic is on schedule to complete the management and removal of sand, silt, and waterway debris by early December 2020, projecting nearly 200,000 CY of debris removal and management. Officials from West Feliciana Parish have expressed satisfaction with Dynamic’s performance, particularly with the attention given to the local private property owners, and the intent to restore the area to a better condition than it was prior to the disaster event. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our home state and our local municipalities.