The State of Louisiana selected Dynamic Construction Group
(“Dynamic”) to design build an Alternate Care Site (“ACS”)
in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Dynamic’s scope of
work included design and construction of a fully functional,
alternate medical care site located within the Morial
Convention Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, one of the
nation’s most highly affected areas. Through diligent design,
Dynamic ACS maximized patient density with 2,000 individual
non-acute COVID-positive rooms serving as supplemental
support for hospitals across the state.

The original design contemplated by the Request for
Proposals required a significant amount of redesign due to
structural and operational issues. Dynamic coordinated with
the State and the convention center facilities team to design
a thoughtful, functional layout maximizing patient density.
Immediately upon award, Dynamic mobilized personnel and
materials to begin the construction process.

The Dynamic team continued to move quickly, completing
the first 1,000 patient rooms and 65 nurse stations within
9 days. Louisiana’s Department of Health admitted COVID-19
positive patients to the ACS the following day, just 10 days
after Notice to Proceed and ahead of the contractual
schedule, alleviating a major burden on local hospitals.
Dynamic completed the second phase for a total of 2,000
patient rooms, 132 nurse stations and 100 portable bathroom
and shower facilities on schedule.

Each patient room consists of electrical components and
lighting sufficient for the use of proper medical equipment.
Additionally, each patient room receives forced conditioned
air through a centralized HVAC system installed on site to
achieve a neutral pressure rating. All nurse stations include
proper electrical components for medical staff equipment
as well as hand washing stations with proper plumbing.
ADA-compliant portable bathroom and shower facilities are
designed for functionality and sanitation.