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Secrets to a Healthy and Long Life

Words With David

Dr. Ruth…the Essence of Love, Life and Joie de Vivre

“Joie de Vivre” a noun that means exuberant enjoyment of life, describes the joy meeting and listening to keynote Dr. Ruth Westheimer speak at an annual Women of Distinction event, honoring 28 exceptional women who work tirelessly volunteering in many local organizations in our community.
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“Untangling Alzheimer’s… The Guide for Families & Professionals”

Untangling Alzheimer’s The Guide for Families & Professionals...A presentation I attended in late April, was a refreshing change of pace. Author of the book of the same title,Tam Cummings, PhD, a nationally recognized Gerontologist offered an insightful and energetic program sponsored by Arden Courts; a national corporation that runs memory care communities.  I attended the...
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Attention baby boomers: Are your parents still driving? Are they safe?

Are your parents, or someone you know still driving? Are they driving safely? If so, this  can be a sensitive and a touchy issue especially for baby boomers. As a geriatrician and baby boomer myself,  I have faced this situation countless times with my patients and their family members.  If you have to counsel a...
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David Recommends

the Relaxation Response

Dr. Benson gives you a simple approach to reduce the stress in your body, and it only takes 10 minutes a day. Learn this valuable secret for your own life!

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The Organized Mind

Our brains deal with an unending flow of information, and Levitin’s approach through his knowledge of neuroscience, shows you how to successfully navigate it all.

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Sex After 50

The infamous sex therapist Dr. Ruth discusses the challenges and how to unlock the passion and satisfaction to enjoy sex after turning 50.

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Tips for Healthy Aging

Exercise: Tracking Your Progress

Exercise and activities are essential for improving our fitness. Setting and tracking our exercise goals is key to success. Setting a goal of 150-450 minutes of exercise per week is the recommended parameter. Using an activity tracker device helps to motivate and monitor one’s exercise success. There are many activity trackers to choose from. I...
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Healthy Eating

  Shrimp Catalan Power of 5 test kitchen, inspired by Pamela Izquierdo One of the most popular and classic tapas. Shrimp is sautéed in olive oil and lots of garlic (2 “must-have” ingredients in Spanish cooking) Makes 2 servings Prep 10 minutes Cook 8 minutes Total 18 minutes Ingredients: 10-12 large shrimp – deveined, can...
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